Dec 142016
  1. A commercial radio station that commenced as a hospital radio service broadcasting three and a half hours per day, seven days per week at commencement (1979)
  2. First hospital radio station to devise the mobile control desk method of entertaining elderly patients in wards and dayrooms (1984)
  3. Only hospital radio service operating three radio stations (1985)
  4. Only commercial radio to have two members awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Commendation (1992)
  5. First Scottish, and second British, hospital radio service to be licensed for FM transmissions (1996)
  6. A hospital radio station broadcasting from five sites (1998), commercial radio from six sites (2014)
  7. Only hospital radio service to be licensed to transfer to a commercial radio status (1998)
  8. One of two commercial radio stations to operate entirely on a voluntary basis (1998)
  9. Voluntary commercial radio station broadcasting programming 16 hours per day (1998)
  10. Station with the lowest advertising rates in British commercial radio (1998)
  11. Highest level of religious programming in commercial radio (1998)
  12. Highest level of health promotion in commercial radio (1998)
  13. Only commercial radio station to allocate programming 2 hours per day, Monday to Friday, to senior school pupils (1998)
  14. Varying from 45 to 54, highest number of presenters in commercial radio (1998)
  15. Eight programmes per day, Sunday to Friday, six on Saturdays (1998)
  16. Wide ranging variety of programming catering for all age groups (1998)
  17. A voluntary commercial radio with regional digital transmissions (2000)
  18. First commercial radio station to be awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (2007)
  19. First commercial radio station to have a member awarded the BEM for voluntary service (2012)
  20. Commercial radio station operating seven transmitters, with five radio licences (2014)

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