Dec 192014

RNA is licensed to cover Arbroath and Carnoustie and surrounding areas on FM.

However, we have experienced difficulty over the years in fulfilling the remit to include Carnoustie owing to the topography of the area.
In effect, the signal has been carrying over, rather than into, Carnoustie due to the majority of the town being situated below the 50ft raised beach.
We have sought permission from Ofcom, the radio regulator, to situate a relay transmitter within, or in proximity to, the town in order to overcome this problem.
Consideration of such applications, however, has been suspended owing to Ofcom being obliged to afford priority digital and community radio applications.

However, I am delighted to advise that permission has been granted, and, accordingly, transmissions have commenced on 107.5FM to Carnoustie and surrounding area. Early indications of reception are positive, with the potential of adding 12,000 listeners, in Carnoustie alone, to our current audience

This is the most significant development for Radio North Angus in several years.

The Board of Directors is grateful for the patience of Carnoustie residents. Also to Angus Council, and, in particular, to Mr Fraser Booth, Head Teacher, Carnoustie High School, for providing the transmission accommodation.

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